Homework Assignment #8 October 22nd, 2008Edit

With the recent addition of the Aquabats new tour and contest, it reminds me that there have been many contests over the years that the Aquabats have held, and many resulting stories, entries, and informations that have been provided as a result. What I'd like to see next is people cataloging the old contests (as well as the current ones) and posting the results as well as archiving entries that were made public (or perhaps can be found outside of the public eye). Also it'd be interesting to know whether or not any of these contests resulted in something important, such as a special tour setlist or a possible change to a release or cadet specific deal/item. I setup a new area for this, and did the first one for you.

You can find the contest page here: Category:Contests

Extra Credit: Since the tour was first announced, a lot of new dates were added and it was given an official title. The Tour pages need updating, so it would be great of people could work on those right now as well.


This week's results:

User: Lyght Pages contributed: 1 Days contributed: 1 Grade: √

4 November 2008Edit

   * Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood 2008/12/12‎; 19:32 . . (+3) . . Lyght
   * Henry Fonda Theatre, Hollywood 2008/12/12‎; 19:32 . . (+416) . . Lyght

So pretty much Lyght did two changes to one tour date entry, an extra credit to be sure, but I'm disappointed no one did the homework Oh well, maybe its too hard this week. Let's see if I can't find a more interesting one!

As always, thanks for everyone who's helped pump up this wiki! We got featured once, let's live up to the good rep!Don't forget, even the elusive Pigbat has found time to post to it!

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