Homework Assignment #6 September 13th, 2008Edit

The Aquabats have had many interviews over the years and I want to do our best to document them on the wiki. I've already found several interviews and recreated them on the wiki. There is some difficulty with this homework assignment. What you MUST do is obtain written permission from the author of the original article before posting it on the wiki. The interviews currently posted all have been obtained with express written consent. There is very little I can do to verify whether or not you obtained permission, so I'll just have to trust that you did. But please remember to do so, because its part of the rules of being on the wikia, and just good advice to live by. Don't steal copyrighted works. Also when you post the article with permission, remember to give appropriate credit where credits due. I hope you guys find some good ones!

You can find the interview pages here: Category:Interviews

Extra Credit: Try to find and get permission to post video interviews as well!


Thought I'd give you guys an update to see how you're doing...don't worry the deadline is still a week away

User: Monkie Lad Pages contributed: 2 Days contributed: 2

17 September 2008Edit

   * Skratch Magazine ??/??‎; 03:32 . . (+24) . . Monkie Lad
   * Skratch Magazine ??/??‎; 03:31 . . (+14,429) . . Monkie Lad
   * Yahoo Music 01/09/1998‎; 03:21 . . (+52) . . Monkie Lad

16 September 2008Edit

   * Yahoo Music 01/09/1998‎; 21:41 . . (-1) . . Monkie Lad
   * Yahoo Music 01/09/1998‎; 21:40 . . (+25) . . Monkie Lad
   * Yahoo Music 01/09/1998‎; 21:40 . . (+5,889) . . Monkie Lad

Great going Monkie Lad! Keep it up! Hopefully some of the rest of you will throw in an interview or two as well! Good Luck!

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