Homework Assignment #2 August 13th, 2008Edit

2006 Cadet Summit page needs some work! A lot of the current boardies definitely attended this most recent summit but the page is just as filled out as some of the earlier summit pages. Some really cool innovation here would be great, links to Youtube vids, some pictures, anecdotes, maybe the answers to the Q&A if anyone wrote all those down would be fantastic.

Also if you can, please fill out the general summit page yet to be created!

You can find these pages here: 2006_Aquacadet_Summit Aquacadet_Summit

Extra Credit: The other summit pages need work too, so any old school boardies/cadets/fans that wanna help out with that it would be greatly appreciated. Or if you didn't go, find out all you can, look up pictures and videos and post em up!


I've got the grade for the one user who've contributed to this week's Homework assignment:

User: Monkie Lad Pages contributed: 1 Days contributed: 1 Grade: √

15 August 2008Edit

   * 2006 Aquacadet Summit‎; 16:17 . . (+32) . . Monkie Lad

Thanks Monkie Lad for throwin' in the Youtube video

We definitely need more edits to that page, and we need all the summit pages fleshed out so new fans have a better idea of what to expect when going to a summit! Make those kids feel welcome!

Don't forget to categorize your pages properly! If you have questions let me know! And as always thanks for all the help!

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