Homework Assignment #17 April 18th, 2011Edit

The tour dates were worked on thanks to last month's contest. More work is needed, but for a small contribution this month we'd appreciate any attendees of Coachella to write about the Aquabats appearance there. Considering all the wild-happenings including cameos by that guy from Twins, we think there is plenty to write about.

You can find the past tour page here (an entry for Coachella needs to be added as well):

Extra Credit: If you attended, please include your impressions of the show, write a review, find a review of it online and post links to it on the tour page site as well!

Don't forget to categorize your new page entries! Now here's all the juicy details for April:
We'll start this one similar to last month and begin 4/18/2011 and end at the end of April.

The winner of April's Wikia assignment will receive:

- A SIGNED THING! I can't say what thing as I'm confirming on whether or not we can get said thing...but bet your bottom dollar it will be signed, significant, and not a CD--cause we did that already (I reserve the right to do that again...but not this month)

I'll be checking contributions made from 4/18 to 4/30. The winner will be calculated and announced in May!

If you need help learning how to edit a wiki, check here: Otherwise make threads in this forum to ask for help from your fellow fans!

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