Homework Assignment #16 March 15th, 2011Edit

The tour dates need to be updated--info on each date in the recent tour, supporting bands, the show venue, the crowd, etc. all is missing from the tour section of the wiki. If you attended the show and have first hand account of what happened, give your feedback on the wiki, or see if you and your fellow boardies can gather info and pictures or video from each show and post it up!

You can find the past tour page here: And the current tour page here:

We could also use a dedicated person to keep the current tour dates accurate!

Extra Credit: There is a whole lot of new merch, I would love to see the new merchandise tied to tour dates, so if you attended and saw that merch was available, please note that in the entry for that tour date. We can also look into getting updates for what merch will be available when and maybe include that in the current tour dates. Other than that, more info on current merch would be very helpful.

Don't forget to categorize your new page entries!

Now here's all the juicy details for March: Because of the last contest we're already halfway through this month. We'll start this one similar to last month and begin 3/16/2011 and end at the end of March.

The winner of March's Wikia assignment will receive:

- Blue Dynamite Bat Shirt - Surprise Personalized Audio Clip from the Aquabats!

I'll be checking contributions made from 3/16 to 3/31. The winner will be calculated and announced in April!

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