Homework Assignment #15 February 16th, 2011Edit

The High-Five Soup! Page is in sore need of updating. It's un-categorized. It's missing an album cover and lots more info. Plus with the new songs and tours we could use more help updating those sections as well. So the theme for this homework is none-other-than HIGH-FIVE SOUP!

You can find that page here:!

Extra Credit: As I mentioned, the tour dates are all new but we don't see all the updates to the tour section on the wiki! This is especially important because its very difficult to update these pages later in life when all the details are forgotten and tour dates blur together. Plus its timely in that if fans go to the wikia and can't find the current tour dates, they may not think there are any!

Now here's all the juicy details for February: For our first month of service in this new Wikia assignment, we're already halfway through the month, and the job is momentous and large! SO as a result, our first contest is giving away a killer prize, and the new homework assignment is not just this week but lasting until the end of February!

The winner of February's Wikia assignment will receive:

- A copy of Hi-Five Soup! signed by the band! - A signed copy of MCBC custom art!

I'll be checking contributions made from 2/16 to 2/28. The winner will be calculated and announced 3/3!

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