Homework Assignment #12 February 18, 2009Edit

Allies and Enemies need some help! We got lots of allies and enemies pages but people need to fill out more info, include pictures, cite tourdates they've seen them arrive at! We got some upcoming tourdates, so while you go see the Aquabats at your local venue, take note (and pictures) of what villains or friends make their faces seen and then post it on the wiki!

Also please add a description to both the allies and enemies pages so people can have a clearer understanding of why the Aquabats have or need either.

You can find the pages here:

Extra Credit (same as last time): The upcoming tours section is woefully empty. If a tourdate is 'upcoming' please put it in that section and categorize it when its past. Note I've deleted the category: upcoming tour dates and replaced it with a page just for citing tourdates that are upcoming without categorizing them. I think this is easier system-wise overall.


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19 February 2009Edit

  Category:Allies (diff; hist) . . (+869) . . Ninjkabat

So we had a total of one addition for this homework assignment.

Thanks Ninjkabat for your help!

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