Homework Assignment #10 November 13, 2008Edit

We need more Wikia recruits! Call your friends, missionary to your fellow fans and otherwise get the word out that needs their help! If you know people who want to help but don't know how to use the wikia database, edit articles or start their own, help them by pointing them in the right direction or otherwise walking them through their first steps! The easier thing now is, we have tons of pages, they just need filling, so more of the work is in actual content, not wiki coding knowledge. If you can type, you can chip in some valued information!

You can find wiki help pages here: Category:Help The_Aquabats!_Wiki:Community_Portal

Extra Credit: I've also recently updated the front page, and I'm looking for ideas to fill the main sections. Extra credit is simply to send me suggestions either in this thread, in my talk section (discussion) on the wikia under my profile, or anyplace you think it'll reach me. Give me ideas, and I'll see about putting them through.


Well the results are in.

Unfortunately we only had one new user on the wiki since this homework, but welcomes all the same SpiderBat! I hope you employ many a successful wiki article or addition!

I have another homework assignment in mind, but its way late here so I'll post it tomorrow (or technically today but much later today).

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