The Aquabats played their Holiday show for Los Angeles on December 18th, 2009 at the Henry Fonda Theatre

The line-up for this show was reminiscent of the '8 or 9 men' days in the 90's.

in Hollywood, CA. The opening bands were Supernova and Buck O Nine. Chainsaw and Catboy played this show. The band ended the show by covering "Holiday Road," a 1983 song by Fleetwood Mac's Lindsey Buckingham, known for it's appearence in National Lampoon's Vacation As fans left, free CDs were passed out featuring a studio recording of the cover and an original holiday song entitled Santa Claus' Party. Both songs were later released for free on the Aquabats website and can be found on YouTube: Holiday Road & Santa Claus' Party


Danger Woman!
Stuck in a Movie!
Super Rad!
Red Sweater!
Pizza Day!
Hot Summer Nights (Won't Last Forever)!
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Santa saves the day by body slamming the Giant Tortilla.

Tiger Rider Vs. The Time Sprinkler!
Attacked by Snakes!
Cat With 2 Heads!
Look at Me, I'm a Winner!
Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates!
Pool Party!
Fashion Zombies!
Holiday Road!


Thanks to the help of Catboy, the Aquabats belt out a rarity, Attacked by Snakes.

The Aquabats Henry Fonda Dec

The Aquabats Henry Fonda Dec. 18 (Attacked By Snakes)

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