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Guy Stuff!
Guy stuff.jpg
Title Guy Stuff!
Album The Aquabats Super Show Television Soundtrack: Volume One
Length 0:41
Composer Matthew Gorney
Vocals Matthew Gorney

Guy Stuff! is one of the few songs to appear in the cartoon segments of The Aquabats Super Show. The cartoon in particular was found inside of a donut after the band's pastry binge that happened in Laundry Day! This song plays in the cartoon during a building montage to create a submarine to save Jimmy from the tentacles of a moon lake monster.


The MC Bat Commander: For Jimmy! Let's do it for Jimmy!
All: For Jimmy!
Fixin' stuff and using heavy tools
It's guy stuff, guy stuff
Workin' together and laughin' at danger
It's guy stuff, guy stuff
Narrator: Sweet success!
Guy stuff!!