Giant Robot-Birdhead
Title Giant Robot-Birdhead
Album The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!
Length 2:34

Giant Robot-Birdhead is the 2nd track of The Aquabats! release The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!.

Giant Robot-Birdhead!Edit

This song appears to be inspired by the Jumbo Machinder robot toys of the 1970's, as evidenced by the lyrics "Jumbo Machine," "Giant Robot," and the use of the toys in the action figure commercial (link below).


Action Figure Commercial

Live VideosEdit

2006, Ventura, CA:


Out of the sky
The Floating Eye
Will prophecy and pretend
That this is the end
The people run,
Run to the hills
Run for their lives to flee
The horrible eye
This was the dream
Don't cross the streams
Jumbo machine
Can launch a rocket punch into the eye!
The giant robot with bird-like head
The giant robot he is our friend
Some chollos want to point the gun
but we've got the 3-2-1!
Now we're talkin'
Now we're talkin'
Fire Now we're talkin'
It's out of hand
Oh oh
When it's in my hands
We've got missile command
Oh oh
Bird head's working now
We're gonna watch it all fall down
Kaboom! Fall down
Kaboom! Fall down
Kaboom! Fall down
Kaboom! Fall down go boom
Jumbo machine
Shiny and clean
Who else can save the people
From the megaton punch?
The guardian
Of careless men who
Run the world like a cartoon show
Living the dream
I hear the screams
Living the dream
To build my giant robot
With giant birdhead
Living the dream
Jumbo machine
Living the dream
Shiny and clean
We can face reality and fight

Myths Mini Site InfoEdit

This started out pretty much as a digital song that didn't really go anywhere. We messed around with it and changed it and messed around and changed it again. It eventually became "Giant Robot Birdhead." The verses were inspired the guitar lick in the bridge comes from a riff we heard from an african song that was in the movie, "When We Were Kings" about the Muhammed Ali/George Foreman fight in Africa. If you're a cadet, you might recognize this music from the "... Look Back" video.

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