This faction is dedicated to Star Wars fans and everyone else who thinks being force sensitive would be sweet. The faction includes both Jedi AND Sith, and "fighting" (not really fighting, but lots of inside jokes) between the two will be controlled.
For the Sith, there are only two Dark Lords of the Sith. The other ranks for Sith will be Sith Lord, Sith Warrior, Sith Marauder, Sith Assassin, and Acolyte.
For the Jedi, there are 5 Jedi Council Members, Jedi Master, Jedi Knight, and Padawan.
Non-cadets can become part of this, but they'll be stuck at "Force Sensitive" until they become a real cadet.


001- Jordy, Darth Jordy, Dark Lord of the Sith
002- Mondo, Darth Mondo, Dark Lord of the Sith
003- Nate McNeato, Sith Lord
004- Batarang, Jedi Council
005- Santo, Jedi Council
006- the names london, Jedi Council
007- Kelly, Sith Lord
008- ACGreedo, Jedi Council
009- Captain Pizza, Sith Lord
010- AWESOME LAD, Sith Lord
011- Ugly Knievel, Jedi Council
012- Naytoid Fantástico, Jedi Knight
013- roses, Jedi Knight
014- fettbat, Sith Bounty Hunter

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