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"Floating Eye of Death! (episode)"
Season 1, Episode 10
Production Code: 110
Airdate: May 19, 2012
Director: Matt Chapman
Written by: Tyler Jacobs
Matt Chapman
Christian Jacobs
"Pilgrim Boy!"
"Night of the Cactus!"
For the 1999 album of the same name, see The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!.
For The villain of the same name, see The Floating Eye of Death (enemy).

"Floating Eye of Death!" is the tenth episode in season 1 of The Aquabats Super Show.


When a bedtime story reading goes wrong, The Aquabats accidentially summon The Floating Eye of Death, a monster bent on wiping out all of humanity! The odds get harder as each member of the team gets turned into a zombie. Who will be the one to save the day?


After a particularly intense stage show, MB Bat Commander is driving the battletram towards their next destination. Jimmy compliments him on the show and asks if he's not too tired to drive. After dozing and almost causing an accident, MCBC agrees to pull over so they can all rest. They park at a gas station and Jimmy takes it upon himself to read the other four a bedtime story. It is called The Floating Eye of Death. According to the story, a giant floating eyeball once flew across the land in search of human souls to devour. The soul-less humans then became soldiers for the floating eye. A wizard finally banished the eye to another dimmension and it may be summoned back by reciting its name three times backward. Before Jimmy can demonstrate this incantation, Crash interrupts to say how tired he is. Jimmy reluctantly leaves them to spend the night in his recharge station. Eaglebones tries out the incantion once, and Crash shushes him. Ricky teases Crash over his fears and somehow they manage to say the incantation two more times.

Scared and unable to sleep, Crash goes into the gas station convenience store in search of snacks. He finds a cartoon inside an old-school arcade game. When the cartoon ends, Crash complains that he stinks at the game. Suddenly a tentacle snakes in throught the door and grabs a trucker who is shopping. The tentacle drags him outside. Crash follows and sees it belongs to the Floating Eye of Death. The eye steals the trucker's soul and turns him green and zombie-like. Crash runs to the battletram and circles it, trying to get the other Aquabats' attention. MCBC steps outside, only to be grabbed by the eye and turned. Crash finds the door left open and once inside, reveals the situation to Eaglebones and Ricky, who agree to help save the female convenience store employee (who we later learn is named Tina). Ricky runs distraction while the other two save Tina just in time. Once safely back inside the convenience store, Crash, Tina, and Eaglebones become distracted by all the trucker caps available for purchase. They sing a song called Feel My Steel, not noticing that they have left Ricky outside. By the time they realize their error it's too late; Ricky has been turned.

Inside the battletram, Jimmy awakes from the recharge station and tries to locate the others. Meanwhile, Crash, Tina and Eaglebones come up with the idea to 'fix' the eye by shooting it with a laser. They realize they have to get Jimmy to help. This time Eaglebones uses snack cakes to distract the zombies outside while Crash runs for the battletram. Unfotunately, Eaglebones runs out of snack cakes and Crash (running with his eyes closed) hits the side of the battletram and falls unconscious. The commotion is enough to alert Jimmy to the facts and he fearlessly strides into the store. He and Tina reprise Feel My Steel while building a giant laser. Using the laser, Jimmy is able to stun the zombies and kill the Floating Eye of Death.

Three weeks later we see all the Aquabats in their bunks with Jimmy caring for them. He feeds them soup/goop made from the eye that took their souls, in order to get the souls all back into them. The episode ends with Jimmy offering to read anouther story- this time titled The Flaming Rhino of Darkness!



It's a cartoon![]

The Aquabats are still inside Jimmy the Robot trying to restart his CPU. In between punching parasites, MCBC finally succeeds by pulling and replacing a plug near the CPU. Jimmy's antivirus software activates and tiny sled-shaped ships are launched against the parasites. The Aquabats shuttle being a target as well, they frantically try to find a quick exit. Outside the battletram, a space worm is causing trouble. Its antics (and presumably the CPU reboot) wake Jimmy, who jumps into the driver's seat, dodging space/time rifts and the worm that is creating them. MCBC (still miscroscopic) asks Jimmy to guide them out of his head. Jimmy is surprised to hear voices inside his head, but listens and realizes his friends have saved him. He can only guide them so far while dodging wormholes, and they take a wrong turn, ending up in Jimmy's heart. They are unable to hide from the defense sleds, which fire upon them, triggering the countdown to re-expand. Can they escape in time or will they break Jimmy's heart for reals? Tune in next week, gee!

Lil Bat cartoon[]

Lil Bat is totally rad (and safe!) with his new skateboard, helmet, knee pads, and elbow pads. He coasts toward a scary looking ramp, determinedly. Is the ramp frightening, or is it just perspective? It doesn't matter to Lil Bat who throws his arms up victoriously after barely touching the ramp!


Sung by a teenager carting around a Stooped Fone. The lyrics say it all.

Stooped Fone commercial

Commercial Transcription/Lyrics:

Don't be one of the in-crowd with their smart phones. Show 'em you're different with a Stooped Fone!

It's big, it's ugly
It hardly even works
Don't get a smart phone
you ain't a nerd!
Buy a Stooped Fone
It don't play games
There ain't no apps
It weighs thirty-seven pounds
You gotta wear it like a backpack
Stooped Fone
It's got no buttons
Just a rotary dial
So when you're making your call
It's gonna take you a while
It's not just a phone
It's a lifestyle
Buy a Stooped Fone
By Gloopy
It's not a phone, it's a lifestyle. By Gloopy.


Feel My Steel![]

Performed by Crash, Eaglebones, and Tina. Later, a more rock driven version is sung by Jimmy and Tina.


Cultural References[]

  • The Lil Bat print pajamas seen in the episode became so popular among fans that they were made into actual pajamas by Toddland and were sold at San Diego Comic-Con 2012 as a con-exclusive item. Due to popular demand, the leftover pajamas were later sold on the Toddland website so that fans unable to attend the convention could still purchase a pair.

Aquabats Trivia[]

  • A lot of references to "The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death!" album were used in the episode
  • "Hello, Good Night!" plays in the background throughout. It was later played in the background when the MC Bat Commander sleeps outside in the teaser of The Aquabats Super Kickstarter campaign.
  • "Sunny Places" is the name of the gas station. This is a reference to the song "Lovers Of Loving Love!" which has the line "Funny faces in sunny places"
  • The Fox Man runs by as Tina is being dragged out of the gas station by the zombies
  • The wizard from the storybook has headgear and an aqua blue robe that makes him look suspiciously like Jimmy.
  • Since the show returns after this episode we are led to believe this technique works, another thing showcases the skin of the Aquabats are less green at the end of the episode.
  • This is the first episode and only episode of season 1 to have both subtitles in English and Hindi. The others in season 2 were Bad Apple! and Kitty Litter.

Production Trivia[]

  • The Floating Eye of Death's tentacles were made from pool noodles.
  • In the beginning of the episode, Jack Black was seen in the audience during a stage show. He later appeared as the Wizard of Hollywood in the first episode of The Aquabats Super Kickstarter campaign.





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