Directed by Christian Jacobs and Justin Lyon in 2005.
Produced by Nitro Records


Late at night, the Aquabats are in an ambulance-type vehicle when the dispatcher tells them of a problem. As the race to the scene we seen shots of fashionable youths primping and preparing to go out. These fashionistas gather in the dark streets to form four fashion gangs. These are the Goths, the New Wavers, The Alt-country Indie kids, and the Pop/glamour gang. Their eyes glow pink, indicating that they are zombies. They meet on their battlefield in a tense standoff before they all charge and attack each other. The Aquabats soon show up in their ambulance and attempt to stop the fighting, but the fashion zombies all turn on them. They chase them through a spooky field to a small shack in the forest. The Aquabats jump on a stage and fight the zombies back with their power of rock 'n' roll. It works for a moment before they are finally overcome by the zombies and are given makeovers.


  • Fuse TV passed on this video. It is speculated that it might have hit too close to home for them.
  • The Gothic guy with long hair and tattoos is not Davey Havok.
  • This video was shot in two nights in Los Angeles, CA
  • At the end of the video, Chainsaw the Prince of Karate is sporting a devil lock as a nod to The Misfits whose influenced can clearly be heard in this song.
  • The "Sixth" Aquabat is Popeye who joined the band for a brief time.
  • Full commentary on this video can be found on the Charge!! 1-Year Anniversary Re-release DVD.
  • Crash Mclarson MC Bat Commander Jimmy The Robot Ricky Fitness on Tour 2005
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