For the episode starring this avian archnemesis, see EagleClaw! (epsiode)

Me and my, Eagle Claws! *whosh whish wohosh whoosh*
Name EagleClaw
Gender male
Introduced In EagleClaw!
Played by Jon Heder

|Age = Around 23 EagleClaw is the brother of EagleBones Falconhawk. He first appeared in the third episode EagleClaw! where he tried to defeat his brother with his own laser powered guitar. He is currently still at large.


EagleClaw has the characteristic eagle claws, for which he is named, as his hands. He also has white and black markings around his eyes, and plummage on his head and forearms. He wears a ripped up yellow jumpsuit and carries his laser powered guitar.


EagleClaw's eagle claws are razor sharp, and he can apparently leap a ridiculous distance straight up into the air. He can screech like an eagle, and he also has a laser-powered guitar similar to EagleBones'.


EagleClaw is EagleBones older brother. EagleClaw has had a grudge against him ever since Eaglebones got a kiss from a girl EagleClaw liked back in junior high.


plays a Gibson guitar


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