Dream Girl!
Title Dream Girl!
Album n/a
Length 0:52
Vocals The MCBC

A song playing over the carnival scene in The Aquabats! Super Show! episode, AntiBats!, as Ricky looks for his dream girl and the other Aquabats enjoy themselves.

I've been dreaming of a girl like you
And here you are
Maybe it's just me
But it kinda feels like
We're on to something special here
Maybe it's a dream
You know it's happened before
And I wake up in the morning
In my head gear
Crying and wanting more
(But if it's real...)
If it's real we're young and attractive
Having fun (A real good time!)
I only hope that I'm not dreaming
Only dreaming of you (That'd really freak me out!)
But if it's only a dream
You're still my dream girl
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