Eva Mudlark
It is I, your arch-nemesis!
Name Eva Mudlark
Gender female
Species human
Introduced In Laundry Day!
Played by Kate Towne

Dr. Eva Mudlark is an evil scientist who creates monsters from garbage. Most of her anger comes from centuries of family oppression as lowly garbage collectors. She first appears in Laundry Day!


Dr. Mudlark is a woman with blond messy hair, horribly applied smudged red lipstick, and large glasses. Her outfit is tattered, dirty, and mismatched.

there was a shadow of a large alien with a exoskeleton with her voice, though this is unconfirmed


Dr. Mudlark is able to create monsters from inanimate objects using science, to get revenge on her enemies. She seems to favor discarded objects such as muck/garbage and lint.


The AquabatsEdit

The Aquabats! seem to be Mudlark's newest archnemeses for destroying her muck monsters earlier in the episode, though they don't have a clue about it at first.


  • Dr. Mudlark and her muck and dirty laundry monsters appears as enemies in the second level of the Aqua-Battle! browser game.




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