Dear Spike
Myths Legends Cover
Title Dear Spike
Album Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2
Length 4:04

Dear Spike is the 5th track of The Aquabats! release Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2.

Myth's Mini Site Commentary Edit

Now this song might be a little controversial, but when we wrote it, our mail order delivery and cadet package stuff was in disarray. Quite chaotic in fact. That is until our friend spike helped us organize things at The lyrics were actually taken from an E-mail by an aquacadet named Spy-Bat from Texas (everything but the stuff about the flying bus and the floating cadet package.) Here's a real fan letter to a real guy named Spike. Now we just need to get those shipping costs lowered for the kids. $15.99 is too much for a T-shirt. But Thanks Spy-Bat and thanks Spike.

Lyrics Edit

Dear Spike,
I can tell that your company cares about its customers
And that’s why I wrote this letter
To express my thanks to you in this endeavor
Today I got my stuff that I ordered long ago
And I wanted you to know that I also got the note
And now if you don’t mind, I’d like to take some time
I hope you understand this letter from a grateful fan
I had a dream, a very strange dream
Where I was waiting for my package
Then up through the clouds
I saw this bus, a flying bus,
It was coming towards me
It hovered above, I saw my order
Floating down and softly touched ground
Then I saw Spike, he was flying the bus
He smiled and waved as the bus flew away
I just wanna let you know
How grateful I am to you
I appreciate all the hard work
And kindness you put into
Dear Spike
Dear Spike
What a task it must have been
Dear Spike
Dear Spike
I’m so glad to know you didn’t forget me
You didn’t forget me, Spike
I wrote you a letter
I ordered a T-shirt and a Cadet Package
You sent me a letter and said,
"It’s on its way!"
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