Cosmic Gisler
This enemy is missing information!
Name Cosmic Gisler


Comic gisler is a large purple humanoid with wires coming out of his back, he has golden rubies for eyes, his head is pointy, he has a large red crystal on his stomach, he has 3 small pods on his arm, his feet is one glowing tail with a dagger on the end of it,

his disguise is a skinny blacked hair man with glasses and pimples,

he speaks with a British accent


he can teleport from one place to another,

he can mind control anyone

he can suck souls

he can bite anyone to death with his teeth

he is hyper intelligent


Xerox- xerox is his cellmate when he was in a intergalactic prison at the time, he did get along with him very well, he protected him from another cellmate by sucking his soul, Cosmic's sentence got extended, but he protected Xerox

bodos- bodos is a close friend of Cosmic's, he does dodgy dealings with him,

Trivia Edit

  • Cosmic Gisler is listed on the current Bio page but does not have any information about himself listed.
  • Cosmic Gisler may have made an appearance in Serious Awesomeness!
  • he spent 128 years in a intergalactic prison for blowing up a neighbouring planet

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