"Trouble At The Rodeo"Edit

In 2004, The Aquabats released an updated version of their 1996 Coloring Book with "Trouble At Rodeo," a coloring and activity book by Brandon Bird. It introduces each of the members and goes on to tell the story of how the band saves a rodeo from the Floating Eye Of Death and the Cyclopsis. Ironically, the only activity in the book is a connect the dots page connecting nine dots outlining the Floating Eye of Death's iris. The book can usually be purchased at shows for $5.

Evie enjoys coloring her favorite Rock 'n Roll Superheroes! (Used with permission)

The Aquabat's Cartoon DepictionEdit


  • Written & Illustrated By Brandon Bird
  • Layout By Tyler Jacobs
  • Photos By Jeanne Rice
  • Distributed By Gloopy Toys
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