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"I quit my job to look for cold raw gold" is what i was thinking about trying to make a living being in a band. Frustrated and half-crazy and bitterly disappointed, my brain tried to escape. This is just a sketch of the song. We were going to add guitars, horns and real instruments to make this song a band effort, but I scared everybody when I sang these scratch vocals - I ripped off my shirt and punched myself in the face. A lot of the songs we wrote would start off with synthesizer music on a sequencer, then we'd build the song around it. This one never made it past phase one. I still like it because it's tweaked.


I quit my job to look for
Cold Raw Gold
They said numbers can be like games
But I can't wait I need
Cold Raw Gold
Those games I don't want to play
Don't calm me down
(I don't want to know)
Don't calm me down
(I don't want to know)
Don't calm me down
(I don't want to know)
Don't calm me down
I'm feeling crazy!
Morning after morning
I trap my breakfast inside my house
Now it's 2PM and I'm out on the loose
I've got to make it inside somehow
When we go hunting
We never ask why
Who will be rabbits
Who will be pie
I've got to get in shape
I'll show you I don't mind
Get off the couch
And leave myself behind
Somebody's got to be alive somewhere
I can't be the only one inside here
Tell me if you've seen anyone
Or maybe this is just not my year
Last night I caught my brain trying to escape
He tunneled his way into the Country Store
Over and over and over again
My mind told my brain to
Let go of my face
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