The Aquabats made their debut at the Coachella Music and Arts Festival on April 15, 2011. The scale of the show allowed the band to go all out with effects and props. With a caped Commander, large inflatable characters and pyrotechnics, it was reminiscent of the 90's Aquabats. The stage had two large video screens and a stage-riser, notably used for Bone's solo on Look at Me, I'm a Winner!. Some mentionable onstage appearences included Coachella mainstage band Kings of Leon during the Biz Markie part of Radio Down, and actor Danny DeVito for the ending of Super Rad. The show was also a significant promotion for Hi-Five Soup, premiering B.F.F. and Luck Dragon Lady.

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LA Times Music Blog: Coachella 2011: Aquabats make dragons and Danny DeVito appear onstage


The Shark Fighter!

Danny DeVito comes on stage for Super Rad!

The Legend is True!
Pizza Day!
Fashion Zombies!
Radio Down!
Look at Me, I'm a Winner!
Cat With Two Heads!
Luck Dragon Lady!
Super Rad!

(Hey Homies! and Pool Party! were the last two songs but not played due to time limits.)


thumb|left|285px|The band talks to 91X about their Coachella experience.

thumb|right|285px|Coachella witnesses the premiere of B.F.F.

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