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The Aquabats! have five albums, spanning over a ten year period. Each album is comprised of different members, and arguably different musical styles. A common theme for each album is to include images of every band member. The fourth album, Myths, Legends, and Other Amazing Adventures, Vol. 2 is often not counted as a main album in comparison to the other releases because many of the tracks were considered b-sides to the already released The Aquabats! vs. The Floating Eye of Death! as opposed to new tracks.

The Aquabats on their official news page have often alluded to the making of their sixth album (as of yet untitled) and while this has gone on in conjunction with the creation of their Super Show, much of the info about the new album has yet to be disclosed.

During the recording of Charge!!, the Aquabats filmed much of their recording process and released the videos as teasers on their website. It's unknown what the Aquabats plan to do to promote their next album.

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