That's right. Life's not all fun and games for The Aquabats. Well, maybe it is, but there's still work to be done. Their efforts to take over the world through their music are constantly thwarted by several no-goodnicks. However, they do have some friends to help them along the way. So check out the Aquabats' friends and foes, so you'll (kind of) know what to expect at their next live performance.

This category has two subcategories that should be put on the pages as well.

  • Villians: This is for enemies that are actively evil and try to hurt other people or The Aquabats.
  • Monsters: This is for monsters, who may not necessarily be doing anything evil but The Aquabats fight them anyway because they're dangerous. A good example would be Snakey. Of course, a monster can also be villainous, like Space Monster 'M', so put it under both categories if that's the case.


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