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The Aquabats are not alone in their fight against evil and bad music everywhere. They are often joined on stage and off by their ever expanding group of Allies! Ranging from helping to battle enemies to snapping pictures of on stage awesomeness to helping out with musical stylings, the allies of The Aquabats are always ready to lend a hand. Keep a lookout for many of them at shows!

History of the Allies[]

The first ally to ever help out The Aquabats was Professor Monty Corndog, who rescued the band from their marooned log raft and gave them incredible super powers after nursing them back to health.

Since the Professor's original act of kindness, countless others have been moved by The Aquabats' creedo and fighting spirit. Their help is always appreciated, and many cadets have shown almost as much love to the allies as to the band itself.

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