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An experiment gone horribly wrong, The Cat with 2 Heads is a deceptively evil being. It has an exterior appearance of being a normal, friendly cat, but due to the radiation used to engineer the creature, it has become much more aggressive and hungry than its previous existence.

One of the few villains in Aquabats lore to have a song about it, The Cat with 2 Heads has a monstrous appetite, which along with its amazing strength and aggressiveness has led it to eat people. Its two super-cat tongues are so rough that skin grafts have been required on survivors of its lick.

Depicted in the art for The Fury of The Aquabats, the cat is an orange tabby with two independently thinking heads. The cat has also made brief appearances at shows, usually prompting or ending the song in its name.

Cat with 2 Heads!
Title Cat with 2 Heads!
Album The Fury of the Aquabats!
Length 3:01

Cat with 2 Heads! is the 5th track of The Aquabats! release The Fury of the Aquabats!.


Science brings gifts of convenience
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To the modern man
Modern man then continues
Continues to expand
But what happens when man creates
Something oh so wrong
Nature bites back in a big way
Good heavens what have I done!
I kept it in a box
I watched it grow a lot
It chewed right through the lock
And ate all the new kids on the block.
A scientist creates a beast
In a secret laboratory
Nature plots revenge
It's blood that it seeks
That's where we begin our story!
The cat with 2 heads
Whoa, the cat with 2 heads! <x2>
College brought education
To this privileged man
High school diploma
A science major
With a government grant
Four years later an experiment
To mutate domestic pets
It turned into a nightmare
So lock your doors
Hide your hot dogs
This cat's upset
Society's been so good to me
My parents paid for my college education
Majoring in biotechnology
Created a beast and now it's after me!
(chorus) x2
Two heads..... of terror!

Appearance on Serious AwesomenessEdit

The Cat with Two Heads appears on the DVD Serious Awesomeness, as part of the concert contained on the disk. It appears to leap from the rafters at the end of the song, as if it's pouncing on an unsuspecting audience member. Official ledgers do not show any deaths occurring at that show.

Live VideosEdit

1998, Lawrence, KS:


3. The Aquabats! Live in Kansas 1998 - Cat With 2 Heads!

2006, San Fransisco, CA:

The Aquabats Intro Cat with Two Heads

The Aquabats Intro Cat with Two Heads

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