"Cobraman! Makin' money."
Name Carl
Gender male
Species human
Introduced In CobraMan!
Played by Matt Chapman

Carl is an enemy in cahoots with Cobra Man during the episode CobraMan! He has a magic staff and runs the circus where Cobra Man lived and worked. After stealing the BattleTram, he takes the Cobra Man on the road to make more money. In the end, he is knocked out by Jimmy and is tied up and taken to jail.


He wears a black suit, with gloves, and he wears a red luchadore mask, covering his real face, and wears a tophat, and holds a magic stick!

when he was mutated, he was 5.5, had exoskeleton, had 4 arms, a animal face split in two to reveal a alien face with 4 eyes, and had a trinoid voice


Carl uses a magic stick for all his doing, he is not good at hand to hand combat.

For some reason he prefaces every feat of magic by yelling "MAGIC!" and every use of the Battle Tram's machines by yelling "TECHNOLOGY!", even making beeping noises as he pushes buttons.


he hates commander to the bone, he once got shoved to the ground by commander,

he never talks to ricky


  • Carl is based on the character Strong Bad from the Homestar Runner web cartoon series created by Matt Chapman along with his brother Mike.


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