Captain Turnip's is a fictional grocery store featured on

The Aquabats! Super Show!


On the commercial shown on the episode Summer Camp! the store's jingle is sung. 

"At Captain Turnip's Grocery Island,

we pride ourselves on cleanliness!"

This explains the staff's obssesion with the fact that the Aquabats DO NOT make a mess when they are fighting the mutated Flea Beetle.

In the episode titled "Bad Apple," Captain Turnip's Grocery Island is the setting of the opening scene. Various Kroger brand products seen on store shelves suggest the store may be a Kroger - owned grocery store.

Crash and Ricky sing the jingle while at the grocery island.

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Also the the grocery island is shown in the first episode of season 3 ' summer camp'

It is advertised in the mini fake commercials

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