Camp Counselor Jewel
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MCBC: Aquacadets! Le- "LET'S GO!"
Name Camp Counselor Jewel
Gender female
Species Human/Were-ape
Introduced In Summer Camp!
Played by Leslie Hall

Camp Counselor Jewel is the director at Camp Radventures from the episode Summer Camp!. She takes her work very seriously, and even trains some young Aquacadets to imitate the powers of the real Aquabats. However, she is revealed to secretly be a Were-Ape who has been snatching campers to work in mines and dig for jewels for her sweaters.


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In her normal human form, she possesses no unique abilities, aside from being unnaturally upbeat and perky, but at night, she transforms into a Were-Ape, gaining superhuman strength, enough to lift and throw Crash a distance.


The AquabatsEdit

Camp Counselor Jewel appears to have nothing but respect for The Aquabats. She introduces them very heartily, and knows about their powers so completely that she is able to counsel young Aquacadets into imitating those powers.

The MCBCEdit

The MCBC is suspicious of Jewel from the beginning, after she uses his own judo flip against him in front of the campers. After seeing her true nature as a Were-Ape, he does everything he can to convince the rest of the band that she is the horrible monster.

The CampersEdit

The campers loved Camp Counselor Jewel, cheering for her enthusiastically when the MCBC asks them to give her a round of applause.


Bigfoot is Camp Counselor Jewel's boyfriend. They aren't using the "love" word yet, but she thinks he is the one.


  • Leslie Hall actually is a gem-sweater enthusiast, and operates a museum for them


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