Cactus Monster
"I think he's kind of in love with me"
Name Cactus Monster
Gender male
Species cactus
Introduced In Night of the Cactus!
Played by Finau Tafua

The Cactus Monster is the main antagonist from the episode Night of the Cactus! He is mutated by exposure to the meteor's space-juice and kidnaps Zalga. While holding her captive, he falls in love with her and tries to show his affection in various ways, like dancing and shooting food for her with his shootable spines. He attacks The Aquabats when they try to take Zalga from him, but is ultimately destroyed by her when she uses science on him. At the end of the episode, Zalga is seen taking the un-mutated cactus back home with her.


The cactus monster is a large green cactus with eleven eyes and a mouth. Its two branches function as arms. It is covered in red flowers or fruit, and spines like its less mobile relatives.


The cactus monster can shoot its spines as projectiles. Its buds can also be shot, and explode like bombs.


The cactus falls in love with Zalga. He kidnaps her, and then tries to impress her by dancing and even bringing her a delicious meal of freshly skewered desert critters. Zalga may have some slight feelings for the cactus as well, as she insists on being the one to un-mutate it, and takes the now-normal cactus home in lieu of Ronmark.


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