Bob Higgensbottom
"This is my personal property"
Name Bob Higgensbottom
Gender male
Species Ghost
Introduced In Haunted BattleTram!
Played by Matt Chapman

Bob Higgensbottom is a ghost. He haunted the BattleTram in the episode Haunted BattleTram! after the MCBC stole some food from his grave. He returned peacefully once the food was replaced.


Bob is a ghost, and appears as a semi-transparent, green, glowing humanoid. He wears a suit and an old timey boater hat. He has a very long beard.

Being a ghost, he can change his appearance. He first appears as a disembodied green light in Jimmy's lab, but also appears as a beautiful lady ghost, a pixelated ghost, and a floating scary head.


As a ghost, he has many ghost powers, including

  • invisibility
  • shape-shifting
  • phasing through solid matter
  • interfering with electronics
  • quick furniture rearranging
  • the ability to leave ectoplasm everywhere


The MC Bat CommanderEdit

After eating Bob's burrito at his grave site, he desperately wants it back. He singles out the MCBC - who doesn't believe in ghosts - as a victim to pull into the spirit world.


Crash is afraid of ghosts, and runs away from Bob without trying to fight. Bob uses this fear to corral him into the bathroom after covering him with ectoplasm.

EagleBones FalconhawkEdit

As Eaglebones seems to be the Aquabat most in tune with spirits and their wants and needs, Bob seems to listen more to him than any other. Using a book about spirits, Eaglebones is ultimately able to summon Bob out of the BattleTram, although it is unknown why Bob listens to his commands


  • Bob's voice sounds a lot like the King of Town, a character Chapman voiced on HomeStar Runner


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