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The story is that the Aquabats had a concert at this venue that had way too expensive ticket prices and charged a 2 drink minimum fee on top of that. This was an all-ages show where you couldn't drink anyway! So in the spirit of the Boston Tea party, The Aquabats made this gift for the fans so they wouldn't feel ripped off.

There is a total of 160 of the first run, each one is numbered. There are two different covers, one has the batboy and the other has a girl being bitten by the batboy. Whatever cover it is, on the inside of the card, the opposite photo appears. These have just have type logos on the front. Also, the Horchata cup logo is on the card (this is absent on the second run). Each one came with a trading card. Some were Mork and Mindy, Superman, Yo MTV raps and some heavy metal ones. The tape inside is clear and has no label. The J-Card also reads (c) 1995.The second run of about 200 have the batboy cover only. The logo on the cover is the round bat logo. On the J-Card it reads (c) 1995/1996. On the inside of the card, the horchata address stamp is stamped. The type is much smaller and there is no small picture on the inside. The cassette is white with labels. There are also a few of these floating around without J-Cards.

Bat Boy includes the first recordings of Phantasma Del Mar and the extended, slower Elvis style version of My Skateboard. Ultra Low-fi, but captures the raw fun of the Aquabats. Also, an amazing version of Hole's "Doll parts". Shouting, "SOME DAY YOU WILL ACHE LIKE I ACHE!!" was and never will be this fun!

It can be listened to here:

Track Listing[]

Side One:

  1. "It's Crazy, Man!" - ?
  2. "Marshmellow Man" - ?

Side Two:

  1. "My Skateboard! - ?
  2. "Phantasma del Mar! - ?
  3. "Doll Art - ? (This demo can be downloaded from the Myths Mini Site)