Attacked by Snakes!
Title Attacked by Snakes!
Album The Fury of the Aquabats!
Length 5:01

Attacked by Snakes! is the 9th track of The Aquabats! release The Fury of the Aquabats!.


Night falls,
And Im awake in my sleep
Hot summer air blows balloons in my dreams
Ding dong! rings the bell
Theres something at the door so I put on
My slippers and I creep across the floor
From the door hence I hear
Another ding dong!
I peek through the doorhole,
But somethings very wrong
For on my porch are thousands of snakes,
Waiting to stirke I feel queasy and my knees start to shake
From my paralous fate
I see no escape
As the serpents they siege to my country estate
The devil must have opened up hells gate and called up
Millions of snakes to take me from this place
Big ones, little ones, fat ones, skinny ones
Protect my from, their venemous drugs
That spring from their needles of fangs
Attacked by snakes
By snakes!
So many snakes you could fill the great lakes
With snakes ha ha ha!
Run, I try to hide
But snakebites on my face testify Ive been
Attacked by snakes
By snakes!
So many snakes it would take
A thousand crates to contain the snakes,
After me
I'd rather be burned at the stake then be
Attacked by snakes
By snakes!
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