Often referred to as "The rarest Aquabats song ever recorded" and "The best song you will ever hear" The Aquabanian Skank is so rare, that not even the Aquabats own it. Infact the only people to ever own it were some of the more Elite Aquabat forum Boardies. The song consists of some of the better lyrics known to man, and to try to get a hold of it would be a total waste of your time. In fact it would be a total waste of time because of the many different versions recorded. It is said that the Aquabats decided that a song so glorious should be recorded several different times, thus you're missing out on the experience having only one version, because each has it's subtle differences.

The lyrics are shrouded in mystery as they were never written down. The musical aspect of this song is enough to cause blind people to hear and deaf people to see. Seriously the greatest song ever. Even critic Tidnab Romany once said "It's the greatest song I've ever heard but don't quote me on that."


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Chords transylvania skank

Chords for Aquabanian Skank (AKA "Transylvania Skank") According to Parker Jacobs, the song was originally Transylvania Slam by B.H.R. and was recorded as Aquabanian Skank for The Revenge Of The Midget Punchers.

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