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October 27, 2009 NEWS FLASH!! THE AQUABATS VS. BLINK 182!!! THE REMATCH!! That's right kids.. just when you thought you would never see those words strewn together, IT ACTUALLY HAPPENED!

Over this last weekend the Aquabats were invited to step in the ring again to take on the band's old nemesis... BLINK 182.

Two wild shows were played, one at the Hollywood Palladium, one at the Santa Barbara bowl. The gloves came off a few times when the rock and roll turned into the SWEET (insert shaka fingers) science!! It was INCREDIBLE!! ..or maybe just kinda a little fun. After all these years and mixed emotions the Aquabats accepted the olive branch from the Blinksters and decided to play. It's been a long time since we played or have even spoken to the band much the less hung out with our old friend and band mate Travis Barker. It was actually pretty cool to let bygones be bygones and catch up after all this time. It was great to see Travis and Mark's kids wearing full Aquabat gear and watching us all from the side of the stage during our set in Santa Barbara. We had a good time and realized .... as you get older.... 'all the small things' dont really matter any more. The big things like family, forgiveness and friendship are more important. Thanks for having us Blink 182, we'll see you next time.

Speaking of Mark and Travis, we have actually been Twittering back and forth since the shows.. and it's been kinda fun so what ever twitter means to you, join or follow us on twitter. So let's Tweet Tweet all across the street!!

In other news.....HOLIDAY SHOWS are COMING! That's right this year we are doing a little string of Holiday shows and we'll have some surprise guests etc. Unfortunately, we only have a few scheduled due to lack of funds. We applied for a government bailout but we werent picked as potential receptors of free money. Bummer. Anyway, WE WONT GIVE UP UNTIL ALL MONEY IS FREE!

But untill then tickets have gone on sale for HOLIDAYS WITH THE AQUABATS! 2009!! BOO YA!! So dust off those dancing shoes and join us for holiday cheer and Egg nogg...

or something!!

Speaking of Holidays!! Halloween is this weekend!! And now is your chance to buy and Aquabats outfit at the last second!!


Check out this gear here!!

Let's talk soon!



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