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With a possible title for the next album already being thrown around, The Aquabats are busy working toward their next masterpiece!! "It will be a beauty!", says Crash Mclarson, the Aquabats AKA 'The little ray beam of positive Light'. "Everything the band is doing right now is like little golden cookies and I cant help but feeling so lucky to be part of the greatest band in the world!", Crash gushes. It looks like things are really going to be great from now on, and it's a good sign that Crash is working so hard to make sure this will be the best new record the Aquabats work on this Year.

Check out our twitter page for a good look at MCBC and Eaglebones hard at work on some new songs. Link here. In case you dont recognize the Bats without their costumes on, the MCBC is the really strong looking guy with the muscles holding the acoustic guitar. Eagle Bones is the handsomely slender rock looking type with the 'Electric" guitar. Woops! Now you know what we look like!?! Well, dont tell anyone especially the hardcore ' ska scenester' community... they might try to kill us!! Yikes! Death by trombone.. hey .. it could happen...

Speaking of which, we apologize for the slow updates this past month but the Aquabats band management and booking agency have been working hard to make sure all the bands get paid and are compensated for their participation in the big 'SKA' fest show in Denver last month. It seems a fiasco arose when the young plucky promoter got in over her head and made too many deals with very little to back herself up. It was an unfortunate situation at a really awesome and fun event. It happens sometimes. It just does. And even though we got thrown under the bus for actually accepting the large offer to headline the show, and then actually expecting to be paid close to what we were promised (oh!...the audacity!...of HOPE!), we want to thank all the fans that stood by us and didn't doubt our integrity. Not even for a second. When we say, "we will work something out..'. we meant it.. and our friends know it! And for those who remain in ignorance on the issue and want to assassinate our long standing good character from behind the safety net of computer screens, we say, 'Lets put down those computer weapons of the cowardly and fight like men.... in the mud.." We will crush you. HOORAY FOR OUR MUSCLES!!!

In other great news about the world's greatest fans, we've gotten over 1000 emails from you kids out there requesting the Aquabats to play in your city. The band and management have been tallying up the most poplar request and so far the top three most requested cities are Melbourne Australia , Los Angeles and believe it or not, at NUMBER ONE....drumroll... Boston,!!!!?!?! We'll be dusting off the old saddle bags and be ready to set up a tour as soon as we have a good route laid out between November and December. WHEWW!! THAT IS GONNA BE SO FUN! (and that's just the dusting of the saddlebags!! )

With an upcoming TOTAL REQUEST LIVE TOUR!! ( HA get it ? you request.. and ..we.. play......LIVE!?! BOO YA!) and the ever popular CADET SUMMIT 2009 in later October. THe Aquabats will be working super hard to slam out the next record soon. And if we dont have a record deal by then.. WE WILL GIVE IT AWAY FOR FREEEE!!
Anyway, all jokes aside. The Aquabats will be playing at MAGIC MOUNTAIN!!
YES MAGIC MOUNTAIN. WHAT IS MAGIC MOUNTAIN!! Well, click here and find out. The MCBC actually saw MAdness and Thomas Dolby at Magic Mountain when he was a young man! (wow! he must be like at least 25!!) NOT ONLY THAT BUT....The Aquabats will be playing the same stage Spinal TAp was playing on when they launched into ... a JAZZ ODYSSEY!! check it!

At any rate Magic Mountain sent us another offer we cant refuse! We are going to play .. again...for money and free tickets to MAGIC MOUNTAIN! Hopefully, we dont accidently forget to pay any workers at Magic Mountain that feel like they got slighted after the show!! We've learned our lesson! We've already alienated one community, hopefully we can stay on good terms with the Roller Coaster Riders of America community! FINGERS CROSSED!!


Then if that wasnt good enough!!! It seems upon parting ways with NITRO records that the Aquabats ..'once again'.. forgot to recoup expenses on the new album contracted with the said 'NITRO' records.. Well rather than leaving the owners of NITRO records holding the bill, The Aquabats have decided to make good on 'being good' and 'Square up' with NITRO records regarding unrecouped business expenses. We are so nice! So we are holding a benefit show for the Aquabats and NITRO records at the GLASSHOUSE in POMONA on....
Support bands are gonna knock your socks off..!! YEAH!! Why dont YOU email in and request who you want to play with the Aquabats at the show?!?
We hope September 12th will from then on be looked at as a day of a world of doubt..
Speaking of No Doubt .. rumors are flying that they really want the Aquabats to open up for them on their tour.. and in turn they will make an appearance at the cadet summit and play for free.. .. Just a rumor... just saying.....
Well, that is it for now.. hope you all can sleep at night knowing you are part of a special super group of loving care givers who are kind, gentle, smart and TCB like Men with tight rock hard abs of......ROCK!!!! I know I can....except for the abs part... I made that up..



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