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GREETINGS WORLD!! WE ARE BACK!! With another exciting news update for the year 2009.

It's seems the whole world is celebrating the 5th day of May, and for some reason....I think it's because of the Aquabats!! HOORAY FOR US!! Everywhere I've gone people are singing and dancing in other languages celebrating... what I think the Aquabats new international flavor!

As you may well know we just got back from playing shows in three countries over five days! Two shows in England, one in Scotland and one in Belgium!!!

Let's start with radness in England... We landed in an airport and OF COURSE ...British Airlines lost our band equipment! It happens every time! That's one thing I will say about British Airlines....they are consistent!!! Anyway, we met up with our international millionaire liaison DOUG! And he drove us around the airport for a few hours until we finally found a small patch of lawn to stretch out on. We slept for a few hours and then back to the airport to pick up our luggage which had subsequently arrived on a different airplane!! HOORAY!! Then we high-tailed it up to Leeds...only a short five hours away!! BRILLIANT! We stayed at the Sellers mansion just outside Leeds and tried to sleep but Jet lag had arrived on a large silver platter and was unavoidable at this point!! YES!!!

LEEDS - We played at this rad club with rad friends, MC LARS And Failsafe...we even met up with our old friends SWOUND! for a trip down memory lane.. those kids are so cute!! We had a fun time throwing bread at the crowd and a large golden Buddha!! HOORAY!!

This girl wore this shirt and it made the Commander blush!! He is such a big softie!!

GLASGOW - We drove straight to Glasgow after the show and it was....GNARLY! We tried to rest on the way but somehow rest kept evading our every step....oh well...We can rest when we're DEAD!! (which may be very soon...) We walked the streets of Glasgow for hours zombies!! ....Even stopped in a Barnes and Noble read books...Yes we were that bored. Not that Scotland is boring! No way, its one of the toughest countries EVER!! Men routinely punch each other and sing songs about it!! It was awesome. It was so awesome we played a Misifits song honor of not sleeping!! WE love Scotland! Especially those hat with the little pom poms on top! They are SO CUTE!!

LONDON- Back to London a mere nine hour drive from Glasgow! We drove until the sun came up, stopped the van to squirt blood out of our eyes, ate some broken glass and got back in the van until we reached the jewel city of the royal crown....LONDON!! WE got right into the club in Islington and began to ....drumroll....SET UP!! It was SICK how good we have gotten at setting up! It was stooped! After set up.....SOUNDCHECK (thunderclap!) Wow! Was it ever powerful! Then Ricky Fitness and the Bat Commander did some interviews while the rest of the band went out to conquer another round of NANDO's Chicken!! In fact, we ate at NANDO's every day we were in the UK! Because NANDO'S is THE BEST!!! WE LOVE NANDOS!! (if you are Nando's and you would like to endorse the Aquabats send all inquiries to NANDOSLOVES


We killed it and then grilled it and then...killed it again to make sure it was dead. It was super fun to play another great show with MC LARS and FAILSAFE! We love those guys! We even had MC LARS come out and help us sing Pool Party and if that wasn’t rad enough!?!? BROBEE came out and partied with us!!!


After the show....we said our tearful goodbyes to all of our friends and waved farewell to MC LARS, FAILSAFE, DOUG!! and ED ...and then ...our van wouldn’t start...

so we sat in the van in the car port, next to a huge rubbish bin...for four hours while we waited for the tow truck to arrive...We finally took taxis to a hotel near the airport and got to sleep around 6am.... then we were up again at 9am to catch a flight to .....drum roll....thunderclap....tiger growl.....

BELGIUM!!! We landed in Brussels airport at about 2pm...I had bought a turtle neck to soak up all of the blood that kept dripping out of my eyes from lack of sleep but it didn’t seem to be working so I went gnarbarian and took my shirt off in the airport. Interpol wasn’t too stoked on that move...but I didn’t like their second record either... so...(HA HA GET IT INTERPOL!!....The BAND?!!? AHA AHA AAAHHHAA....ahhhh ...uh..) Ok where was I ? We met up with our driver and were whisked off to GROEZROCK!!! The most awesome-est of festivals in Belgium April... We got to the venue and were blown away! It was pretty awesome the tent we were to play in was amazing..!!! The hospitality for the bands and dressing rooms etc. were top notch. It was our first festival in Europe and we were really impressed. All the other bands were kinda biggie ....but we were really stoked. We hung out with the Street Dogs guys and had a fun and touching reunion with the Vandals...they are even older than us!! We like those guys a lot though ..they are very funny... and old... like wise old grandpas of comedy... and joy! We also met up with our friend DAN!! From Hunter Revenge!! He is RAD!! RAD! RAD!

Anyway, we played the show and expected people to boo us off the stage our surprise people cheered and then wept and then cheered again. Then we wept and cheered and then wept again. It was joy on top of joy. Like an Almond Joy! Anyway, it was a fun day and really cool to meet up with our Europe fans whom we had never met. The MCBC back flipped off some drums onto a golden idol and broke his wrist but was so happy he just ...kept weeping. After all these years ...FINALLY!! We made it to Belgium. I went back to the hotel after signing autographs for new friends and watching the last two songs from the Vandals! I wandered the streets for a while after the show and met up with a vending machine that dispensed chocolate and .....drum roll...chocolate covered WAFFLES!! BELGIAN WAFFLES! The Legend was true... again and again....waffle after waffle.... I LOVE THIS PLACE!! (like dan cortez loves Burger King...)

Back in the hotel room, I fell asleep knowing that we had done it.. The Aquabats had conquered! Waffles! and Chocolate and ....GROEZROCK!

Even our Belgian Driver had to smirk..."they did it...they really did it..." (is what I would like to think he smirked about..)

WELL! There you go.. I am newsed out...

But in other news...

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SALT LAKE CITY SHOW ANNOUNCEMENT ....JUNE 19TH!!! BOO YA! and....drumroll.....wait for it.....hold ...hold... here is the ticket link!


More announcements soon!!


See you soon, bat friends! love,

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