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September 23, 2008

Greetings friends and fiends of the Aquabats!

The big news this week is TWO SHOWS this upcoming weekend. That's right bat-kids, Friday in Victorville and Saturday night in San Francisco with RANCID!!! WHAT A HUGE WEEKEND!!! Hope to see all of you there in attendance! Lets hang! (get it cuz...bats...hang...and.......ok) BLAM!

There are still a few contest winners we are waiting to hear from so we can send out all the prizes etc. If you were a contest winner, please email your address to!

Come on now! Dont be shy!!!

We are also working on some fun new products and a new cadet kit that we should unveil around Halloween! Oh joy! A new poster and a new sticker too! I think the new poster says, 'Rock the Vote!' Just kidding!! HA! Who would want a silly poster like that? NOT ME!! It's more likely to say 'Sock the Goat!" because goats need socks too. I'm just saying.

Speaking of socking goats! The new Aquabats album is supposed to be finished already. What is taking so long? Maybe it's these darned distractions! I vote for no more distractions in 2008!! Let's have an album already. We are going to go out on a limb here and say that if we dont finish the album by the holiday tour.....that we will give away 700 pairs of shoes to lucky friends of the aquabats. How is that? Boom! So I guess we had better finish already. The way the economy is going we are going to need those shoes to bulid a house to live in.... I'm just saying.

Looking forward to November, a hot tour is in the making!!! We are thinking of all the fun we are going to have with our friends across the country. The east coast tour is shaping up and we are even adding some dates in Florida!!! FLORIDA!!!! HOORAY FOR THE HOLIDAYS TOUR 2008!! Lets all hang out at these may be the last shows ever.....

I'm just saying.

So check this out....more dates will be announced after this weekend.... and they are going to be fun!! Lots of stuff to announce and preview!!


We want to offer condolences and prayers to the families of former Aquabat Travis Barker and his crew. While we are glad our former friend Travis survived and is on his way to recovery after a tragic plane crash, we again want to show our support for those that didn't make it.

So til next time!

Stay Batty...

Love always,

The Aquabats
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