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August 15, 2008. WINNERS!Edit


GREETINGS KIDS!! After a very exciting few weeks we are BACK with RESULTS for the contest!! BA-BAM! The results were delayed due to a toxic leak caused by THE TOXIC LEAKER upon the sandy beaches of FLORIDA! Your grandparents were very worried but DON'T WORRY! We saved them!! YEAH!!

Here are the winners of the SUPER SHOW CONTEST!!

mach1monorail 2 backstage passes + lunch with the MCBC!
annitabonita new updated cadet kit!
Justin poster autographed by all of The Aquabats!
ale new Super Show t-shirt!
Saturdayskids new The Aquabats sticker!

And here are the winners of the CHOOSE THE ENDING CONTEST!!

The correct ending is...NONE OF THE ABOVE! HOORAY!

Mark Heley lunch for 2 with the MCBC @ Yo Gabba Gabba!
Jeremy Schichor 2 backstage passes!
Chris Harris new updated cadet kit
Nicholas Benedict new updated cadet kit!
Terry Teros new updated cadet kit! (NEVER GOT HIS KIT!!!!!!!!!!!)
Kenneth Brisendine new updated cadet kit!
Skip Rynearson new updated cadet kit!
Patrick Rey Camacho new The Aquabats poster!
Robbie Whiting new The Aquabats poster!
Patrick Healy new The Aquabats poster!
Josh Fairhurst new The Aquabats poster!
Nicole Cooksey new The Aquabats poster!
Asa Alger new Super Show t-shirt!
Lucas DeArmond new Super Show t-shirt!
John Spencer Forbyn new Super Show t-shirt!
Meghan Zero new Super Show t-shirt!
Phil Lippi new Super Show t-shirt!
Josh David Jones new Super Show t-shirt!
Tyler Michael Webb new Super Show t-shirt!
Mark Llewellyn new Super Show t-shirt!
John Philip Craig new Super Show t-shirt!
Joel Ray new Super Show t-shirt!

So CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!! You are all SUPER RAD!! Shoot us an email at if you are on the WINNERS LIST!

In other news, thanks for everyone who parcipated in the COSTUME CONTEST at the Glasshouse show! Your costumes were all so rad we couldn't decide on our own! So go ahead and email us pictures of your SUPER CHILL COSTUMES at!

In other news we've got a whole boatload of EAST COAST TOUR DATES!! Woah yeah yeah!!! Check them out HERE on the tour dates page to see if we are coming to YOUR TOWN!

Stay rad,


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