The 2006 Aquacadet Summit: The Future! held on June 6th, 2006 at the Concourse meeting hall in San Diego, California. This Summit took place during the ComiCon Comics Convention. The Aquabats played the previous night with The Phenomenauts at the House of Blues San Diego.

As Cadets entered, they were assigned to different teams and lined up to meet each Aquabat at their respective booth. Then, a large Q&A session was held with the band taking questions from the audience.

Afterwards, each team, led by an aquabat, was pitted against each other in a simple yet physical "olympic style" games. These included seated skateboard races and basketball shoot-offs.

After the games, Cadets were treated to pizza and soda (in commemorative Aquabats cups!)

Then awards were given out to cadets and the night ended with The Aquabats playing the entire The Return of the Aquabats! album straight through in the classic green hooded rashguards. Prince Adam even made an appearance, causing a shortage of rashguards, forcing Ricky Fitness to don a "modern" one. This could possibly have been the first time the Aquabats didn't match uniforms on stage...

It was an awesome summit.

The previous Summit was the 2002 Aquacadet Summit.

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