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The Fourth Sorta-Annual 2002 Aquacadet Summit and Beach Party (The Secret Summit) was held on January 18, 2002 on the beach in Huntington Beach, California.

There was a show the night before at The El Rey Theatre in Los Angeles. Cadets showed their Cadet ID card at the merch booth and got a packet of instructions on how to find the secret summit, and a schedule of events.

Cadets were treated to free hot dogs and soda, while hanging out with the band, asking questions, getting autographs, watching the MCBC surf, etc. After which an awards ceremony was held, with the coveted Cadet of the Year Award going to Astraes Locke, aka AfroBat. The award for most colorful was awarded to Colorbat. Bright Guy and Orange Man won an award as well.

Among the attendees of the summit was Spike from, better known as "Dear Spike". Although the invitations stated that only card-carrying cadets would be allowed in, in some cases the younger cadets' parents were cleared by the MCBS placing a piece of duct tape on their clothing and proclaiming them a "dork".

At the end, the cadets and the Aquabats gathered around the campfire for an acoustic and literal sing-along. They played as the sun went down into the night, the set consisting entirely of requests. Fun was had by all. The cadets repeatedly requested old songs that the Aquabats had forgotten how to play. MCBC often just let the cadets sing the words if he forgot them, particularly with songs from The Return. The campfire sing-a-long lasted almost 3 hours.

Previous to this Summit was the 1999/2000 Aquacadet Summit. Following this Summit was the 2006 Aquacadet Summit.

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