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April 3rd, 2002

Hey everybody!

We hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend and a totally bitchin' spring break. This past weekend was tough for us. Mariah Carey tried to ruin The Aquabats. She had us broken up for twenty-four hours, but we decided to fight against her and regroup. It was a close call, kids. Apparently, we watched her on MTV's "Cribs" and she messed us all up with her level of... uh... lack of genius. But not to worry. It's all behind us now.

In more important news, we had to cancel a few shows due to reasons beyond our control. We had to back out of the show in Bakersfield at the Bullpen this Saturday. The Show will still happen with Sugarcult headlining with Death on Wednesday and Fairview supporting. We suggest you all go, as it promises to be lots of fun. We also had to cancel the show in Ventura on April 20th. We apologize to everyone who was planning on coming out to see us, but we hope to see you all in San Diego or at The Glasshouse. Check out the tourdates for more infomation.

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