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UPDATE! PHOTO ARCHIVE VISION BECOMES A REALITY! By The Bat Commander Top Secret Headquarters, CA Hello, I am the Bat Commander. You can call me Homey. Throughout the history of The Aquabats, one word stands out above all others in summing up what it takes to understand what we're all about. That word is VISION.

Without vision, we probably couldn't see without the help of various digital sattelite tracking devices and warning sensors. Not to mention pricey lasik eye surgeory.

Let's talk about another type of vision. The Vision of tomorrow. Where would we be without HG Well's classic novel, "War of the Worlds"? Or even "The Time Machine"? What about George Orwell's "1984"? Or the Rowdy Roddy Piper classic, "Hell Comes to Frogtown"?

And what about Vision Street Wear? Good thing they went out of business!

As interesting as all this may be, it's completley irrelevant to the fact that we have a new Photo Archive section up! Yes, That's right. A visual walk down Memory Lane!! Visions of the past might help you see a vision of tomorrow, or possibly a vision of a new world where people don't take themselves too seriously. Fun is a top priority and there's a prize waiting for the best costume at the end of every magical day. Music is not so much of a lifestyle, but something to be enjoyed and explored on many levels above and below rap metal or Eve 6. Families can join hands, friends will sing, and everyone will realize just how lame MTV's The Real World is.

Where are we going with this, anyway? Vision, baby, vision. Take a look. Then close your eyes and let the vision take you away into the new Photo Archive section. In this section, we plan to give you a view or two and hopefully, with your help, can upgrade this section from time to time. Let us know what you think, and post it on the Bulletin Board

And remember, as you put on a costume and celebrate life, that two hemispheres are fundamentally at odds, the Middle East is about to erupt in a full-scale war of nuclear proportions, one of two corporate-backed candidates will soon hold the fate of the free world in their blood-money-soaked hands, and new albums from The Spice Girls, Blink 182 and R Kelly come out the same day as "THE AQUABATS IN MYTHS, LEGENDS AND OTHER AMAZING ADVENTURES VOLUME 2"! Who will you vote for? What's your vision of the future? Vote for us, we're The Aquabats

Happy Halloween! THE M.C. BAT COMMANDER

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