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There are only a few short weeks until November 7th when "THE AQUABATS IN MYTHS, LEGENDS AND OTHER AMAZING ADVENTURES VOLUME 2" hits stores!

This New record as you know, contains unreleased tracks, demos, and some old songs that were never recorded dating as far back as 1997.

"For the most part, this record contains songs that we just demoed and forgot about, or that were left half-written and never finished." The MC Bat Commander says, "We hope that in the next few weeks, we can finish a special section of our website we've been working on that will more fully explain this album and why we decided to release these lost gems."

Unbeknownst to The Aquabats themselves, Fearless Records has posted a full-length MP3 of track number 4, "Pizza Day" on their website. You can go there and download it and hear for yourself. Be sure to be the most popular kid on the Bulletin Board by saying it's the best song you've heard in a long time!

Here is a full track listing of "THE AQUABATS IN MYTHS, LEGENDS AND OTHER AMAZING ADVENTURES VOLUME 2" 1. Robot Theme Song 2. Hey, Luno! 3. Pool Party 4. Pizza Day 5. Dear Spike 6. I Fell Asleep On My Arm 7. Radiation Song 8. Adventure Today 9. The Baker 10. Danger Woman 11. Worms Make Dirt 12. Sandyface 13. The Wild Sea

PLUS in the next few weeks, we will be releasing exclusive rare tracks that we didn't have room for on the album in that crazy new MP3 format. Look for the following songs right here on

I Love The Monster Why Rock? Sequence Erase (Instrumental) Cold Raw Gold The Grey Man Love Without Anger Ska Boss Knowledge Mucho Gusto Green Ghost The Lonely Horseman Giant Robot Birdhead (early instrumental) Doll Parts Controller Todd 1 in Space Mountain Land . . .and more!

The MC Bat Commander also had this to say: "There were so many songs unfinished songs, that it was hard to choose which ones we should use, so by letting you (The Cadets) be able to hear all of them, you might be able to see why we picked the tracks we did."

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