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CRASH SPEAKS OUT AGAINST GUNS IN SCHOOLS!! Washington D.C Yesterday at a press conference just outside The White House, Crash McLarson, bass

"Not in my school, mister!" crash gets tough on guns in schools.

player for the rock group, The Aquabats had this to say:

"Kids should not bring guns to school. It's JUST NOT COOL. Maybe a few years ago or in frontier times it might have been understandable, but in this day and age, it's JUST NOT COOL"

McLarson went on to say that semi-automatic weapons might sound cool and go great with your "look", but "It's the new millenium, man! Y2K, baby!" he continued,"School and guns. It just

Do Not Take this Deadly Weapon to School.

doesn't make sense. When I was a kid, my parents used to tell me to

Do Not Take this Deadly Weapon to School.

leave my gun at home with my plow. But nowadays, kids just seem like they listen to gangsta rap, and they just don't get the joke. C'mon, kids, they're just joking! Funny? Bling Bling! Ha ha? Funny? Get it? "

After this bold statement, McLarson announced his new campaign, "GUNS IN SCHOOL - JUST NOT COOL!" where money will be donated which will benefit vicitms of Hurricane Andrew. Crash is happy when you don't take guns to school!

If you would like a custom designed T-Shirt to support this cause, just have Crash write on your shirt! It's that easy!

So say it loud and say it proud!

Crash is happy when you don't take guns to school!



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