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ORANGE COUNTY, CA - During the time The Aquabats took off from performing in the summer of 1999 to write new material for the quintessential album, "The Aquabats vs. The Floating Eye of Death", they reached a pinnacle of musicianship never before seen in Americans during the 20th century. With the motto, "a song a day" The Aquabats spent all summer writing, rewriting, recording, re-recording, and thinking about new songs. At the time the went into the studio with legendary producer, Thom Wilson to record "...The Floating Eye of Death", they had about a hundred songs hidden away somewhere. Most of these songs never saw the light of day... until now.

The band now known as "The Aquabats" have decided to release an album of rare tracks, outtakes, and "wac" songs to be released early this Summer. This still untitled album, will contain many songs unknown to even the most faithful Aquabat, and is said to be "extraordinary." Rarities such as "Why Rock?" "The Radiation Song" and "Sandyface" are rumored to appear.

In true Aquabat tradition, this mysterious "B-sides" album will again stray into yet more musical paths, than the expected styles. No one really knows what is to be expected... Producer and Renowned Genius, Cameron Webb (Danzig, Limp Bizkit, Big Drill Car...) is quoted as saying "Cool!"

The Aquabats are currently in the studio with the aforementioned Webb, adding the finishing touches on these mysterious tracks. Word has it, they are also recording several new songs to be added as well.

What is to come from the Aquabats? We don't know for sure, but we hope it will at least be good.

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