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Here it is! Tickets are now on sale for the "1999 Aquacadet Summit 2000 and Award Show" Available ONLY online! Thanks to Merch.Com! We are currently hard at work on a new Horchata Records Compilation that sill be distributed freely ro all those in attendance at the forementioned Summit. It will feature such talented acts as, The Aquabats, Digital Unicorn, Le Pigbat, Go-Go 13, and many, many more to be announced later... In addition, we are working on the much-rumored secret B-Sides album, which we hope to have advanced copies of in time for the Summit. Tons of new stuff has been added to the Gift Shop. There you can find Coaches Jackets, Rings, Baseball Jerseys and much, much, MUCH more! Even more merch to be added soon!

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