The Third Sorta-Annual 1999/2000 Aquacadet Summit was held on April 6th, 2000 at the Galaxy Theatre in Santa Ana, CA.

Cadet Memberships were being sold on the premesis in the parking lot while Cadets were harrased by Sandfleas who protested the show by selling their own CDs. Admission was charged, but Cadets were greeted with a package at the door that included a T-shirt, a patch, a button, a coloring book and a copy of the Horchata Records compilation CD, "Rice Capades".

The theme was that of an awards show, with performances by The Moon Monkeys, Digital Unicorn, and Le Pigbat. Awards were given out to cadets, notably, Cadet of the Year to Pezbat, and a Lifetime Acheivement Award to Ben the Brain.

At the end, The Aquabats played an extended setlist that included the only live performance of Tiny Pants ever.

This Summit followed the 1998 Aquacadet Summit. The next Summit was the 2002 Aquacadet Summit.

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