"Fetch me a cherry soda"
Name Überchaun!
Gender male
Species Überchaun
Introduced In Überchaun!
Played by Dana Michael Woods

Überchaun is the villain from the self titled episode, Überchaun! He does not like to be called a Leprechaun, and requires the Aquabats to finish three challenges within an hour, lest they be added to his collection of shrunken people. He takes a special dislike of Crash, who wanged him on the head with a golfball accidentally.


He is a short man with white hair, blue skin, and wears clothing that is simaliar to a Leprechaun, except black instead of green.


Like most Leprechaun / Faeries, Überchaun seems to have an unlimited amount of power, limited only by the rules of the game that he challenges people to. His powers include, but may not be limited to:

  • levitation
  • teleportation
  • creation of objects from thin air
  • the ability to animate objects from nature
  • cursing skills
  • a loud booming voice that can shake the earth when he says his name



Crash incurs the wrath of the Überchaun when he hits him with his golf ball and then lands on him when he trips and falls while looking for it. Crash is cursed, and the other Aquabats unwittingly become cursed when they come looking for Crash. After the Aquabats finish the Überchaun's tasks, Crash becomes the "Only person to beat an Überchaun at his own game" and gets a golden trophy stating this accomplishment.

The AquabatsEdit

The Überchaun seems to just harbor a grudge against the Aquabats due to their proximity to Crash. They don't necessarily do anything to upset him (besides the MCBC calling him creepy), but he curses them anyway. This is probably to make Crash feel even worse because now his actions have affected his friends. Beyond that, he doesn't seem to have any special animosity towards them.

The challenge of the ÜberchaunEdit

The challengee(s) must perform set tasks within a given time to beat the Überchaun. If they lose, they will be "added to his collection." His collection consists of the losers being shrunken down and placed in his pouch.

In the Aquabats' case, three tasks were given to be completed within an hour:

  • Tie a ribbon to the top branch of an ancient tree. The MCBC calls dibs on this task and gets Eaglebones to help when Crash volunteers. The tree proved to be alive and got up and ran away when they tried to tie the ribbon on it.
  • Pull the flag from the 13th hole [of the golf course.] Ricky calls this one, and Jimmy volunteers to help. The green was guarded by a monster made of grass and dirt.
  • Fetch the Überchaun a cherry soda from the clubhouse vending machine. The MCBC gives Crash this one, despite the other Aquabats' protests.


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